Maurice Matheka - Sexologist 20-10-2018
6pm till late


    Westwind Hotel, Makutano, Meru

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    26 September 2018
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    • Amerucan Extravaganza

      Weru Tv in conjunction with Fab n Roll organised a superb event on 23rd Dec 2017 to celebrate Weru Tv & Radio’s presence in the region. Many artists & Djs performed to the thousands of attendees.

    • Cliq Colour Fest 3: Paintball Edition

      Cliq Entertainment organised their annual Cliq Colour Fest season 3 that for the first time in Meru introduced the Paintball game that attracted many participants. Cliq Colour Fest was held at the Meru School field and had thousands of happy, colour splashing nation.

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